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G’Day thanks for checking out my website, this is first of many news/blog updates as i will be discussing game development and other content to give you the excitement and possible knowledge of creating games.

I have only done 99% of this website with only a few adjustments to go, but i’m so glad i have finished a majority of it after spending 2 weeks creating it, “i am buggered”.


Anyways here is an update of the current state of what i am up to and that’s creating the game Office Tossing, i will be very happy when i finish this game since its my first, i am still a long ways of completing but the prototype is finish and i am working on the production of the game.


Here are some screenshots

Aiming Phase: power meter and throwing guide to help you.

Upgrade Phase: Spend your hard earned paperclips on various office items to use against your opponent.










On my next post i will explain more about the game and what i am currently doing to improve it.



Adam Klappers.



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