Office Tossing Logo type 2

Who likes to throw things?

well this game is for you!

Set in an office area, your objective is to beat the other player by taking out their HP, first one to do so wins.

To achieve this you will need to use various office items as weapons from the office store, to purchase in game you can use paperclips as currency, you can earn these by hitting the other opponent and scoring against them, you have anything ranging from paper balls to a filing cabinet, throw these object and hit your mark!

1-2 players as a pass and play game.

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Logo for Impossible Escape

Can YOU beat The Impossible Escape!?

Run and jump your way through the forest mountain top to reach the end gate, watch out that you don't run into any tree stumps or get stuck in the quick sand or sticky orange sap!

Answer the puzzling math questions when you reach a flag to gain a single respawn point!

Tap your screen to Jump and Hold tap to Sequence Jump.

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